zevi8 (zevi8) wrote in healthnuts,

Organic food

Most of you probably have heard of "organic" but the word conjurs up images of weird hippies.It really is a shame that there has to be something called organic. What organic means is that no pesticides, fungicides or anything other chemicals or unnatural things were used to produce a particular product. If you go back 100 years, nearly everything was organic. Of course greed had to get in the way and most companies use pesticides on their crops. If something is not 100% organic, it has some sort of pesticide residue contained within it. Alot of people will say "I wash all my fruit". This is obviously not enough. Fruits and vegetables grow outdoors and it rains. If the rain doesnt wash off the pesticide, running it under water at home wont either. If you say that you peel the fruit, there still is pesticide in the fruit itself from the soil that the plant grows from. Pesticides are not just limited to fruits and vegetables, most grains are grown using pesticides. Organic food has grown tremendously in the past few years. While it is more costly that conventional, pesticide laden food, is your health worth the money you save? Think about it.
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